Reincarnation: A Hillybilly Holiday (AHH) is the fourth installation and the second mini-game of the series. It was released on Newgrounds in May 2010.


Story Edit

Another soul has escaped from Hell. It's up to you to kill him so he'll go back. The reincarny has an unconscious and bound woman locked in his outhouse, but he gets his comeuppance when a bear eats him.

Walkthrough Edit

First, click on the pink flowers, sending a bunch of pollen into the reincarny's face. Next, click on the spoon so it will heat up in the fire. While the spoon is still glowing red, click on the beehive. The bees, attracted by the pollen, will go for the reincarny. The reincarny, in turn, will whack them away with the spoon that was heated up, burning his hand in the process. He will walk to the other screen to cool it in water.

This next step can be done later, but if you prefer to get this done while you're still on the first screen, you can do so. Click on the axe and click on the beehive, causing it to smash into the ground. Next, click on the red berries climbing up the tree. A squirrel will come out to get a fallen berry, stepping in the honey in the process. He will leave a honey trail that goes to the next screen. Again, this step can be done later, but there's no harm in doing it at this point.

Go to the next screen by clicking on the arrow. The reincarny will be at a well, his back facing towards you. Click the keyring in his back pocket, then click the padlock on the outhouse. Once the lock is off, click on the door to see the reincarny's sin. After you find the woman's body, go back to the first screen. The reincarny will go back to his seat. If at this point you haven't made the honey trail with the squirrel, it is recommended you do so now.

Go the second screen one more time. A bear should appear to sniff the honey trail. To lead him to the reincarny, click the bucket on the well. The noise will attract him to his location. Go to the first screen one last time to see the reincarny get devoured to end the game.

Reincarnation- A Hillbilly Holiday (AHH) Walkthrough

Reincarnation- A Hillbilly Holiday (AHH) Walkthrough