Reincarnation: Bloody Bayou (BB) is the thirteenth installation and the tenth mini-game in the series. It was uploaded on Newgrounds in May 2012.


Story Edit

Another reincarny has escaped. It's up to you to find his sin and kill him. Thankfully, his sin is easy to find and you're able to kill him by making him gator chow.

Walkthrough Edit

Click on the house window. The reincarny will beat his wife and throw an opossum. Click on it, along with the jug of moonshine. Go to the left screen. Get the flies near the bucket. Combine the flies and the booze. Give the flies to the frog so you can catch it. There is a tree with a low-hanging branch. There's some curly moss on that branch, grab it. Take the lantern off its hook and go back to the first screen.

Use the moss on the bell. This will prevent it from ringing and waking the dog up. Collect he muffled bell. Go back to the dock and put the bell on the hook. Ring it and quickly go back to the previous screen. The dog will get up, revealing a key it was sleeping on. Quickly grab the key and use it on the truck door. Open the door and grab the knife.

Go to the docks again. Cut the rope attached to the boat. Tie the frog to the freshly cut rope. Click the frog again to lure an alligator out. Go back to the house one last time. Click the house door and follow the reincarny to the docks. Hit him on the head with the silver pole by clicking on it. Click on his body in the water to have the alligator eat him, killing him and ending the game.

Newgrounds Edit

There's only one medal, which is earned by simply beating the game.

Reincarnation- Bloody Bayou Walkthrough

Reincarnation- Bloody Bayou Walkthrough