Chris Gianelloni (August 23rd, 1984) is the creator, writer, and artist of the Reincarnation series. He also, at times, lends his voice to minor characters or voiceless reincarnies, such as Naja from In the Name of Evil and the Hillbilly from A Hillbilly Holiday. He did the programming for the first game, A Demon's Day Out.

Before Reincarnation Edit

While he was still in high school, Chris was a graphic designer for BadAssBuddy, an custom instant messenger icon site. Along with making over 300 custom icons, he designed the merchandise, avatars, and company logos. After he graduated from Archbishop Rummel High School in 2002, he founded Bgroup Productions. The group made several live action and animated shorts, including a Kraft Singles commercial that aired on national TV. Chris graduated from the University of New Orleans in 2008 with a B.A. in Hypermedia.

The (False) Start Edit

Before Chris made the game series, he initially planned to make a comic series entitled "Escape from Hell," which didn't involve reincarnation whatsoever. In fact, the plot revolved around demons fetching souls from limbo. He only made one page of this comic, which he intended to put into Newgrounds's One Shot comic.

Chris with Hat