Demons, also referred to as Reincarny Catchers, are Luke's minions. Their purpose is to catch reincarnies and send them back to Hell.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The demons can use telekinesis, which allows them to levitate objects. However, they can't use this power on everything. There is a weight limit, but it's unknown what that is. In A Demon's Day Out, Vile says that a chihuahua is too heavy to use his powers on. Chihuahuas weigh between three and six pounds on average, yet he is able to drag an oil drum across the floor in Let the Evil Times Roll, which would probably weigh over ten pounds assuming it's not filled.

Demons have some control over fire. Abilities include internal combustion and summoning and putting away items into another dimensional space. Fire also tends to appear when a demon is extremely angry.

Biology Edit

Demons are sexless. Most of the known characters, such as Vile, Lyle, and Maxwell, have masculine names and voices. Since demons are sexless, they cannot reproduce. Once a demon dies, a fetus comes from its corpse, meaning that demons reincarnate.

Diet Edit

Demons are carnivorous, eating animals such as frogs, opossums, and demon fetuses. Their main source of liquid nourishment comes from water inside of sponkic plants or from alcohol, which they have a high tolerance for.