This will feature Luke, Vile, and my O.C. Teen

  • Luke: *snarls* Vile why are you not working!
  • Vile: I'm taking a break *says as he's drinking beer*
  • Luke: ...You know what I'm gonna say about that...
  • Vile: Ugh.... *throws it* fine...
  • *meanwhile outside of hell*
  • Teen: More souls are escaping I'll close down hell if this keeps up. *texts Luke "If this keeps up I'll take hell from you"*
  • Luke: *eyes widen and erupts lava next to Vile* Get to work! NOW!!
  • Vile: Ok, ok jeez..
  • Luke: *starts writing down all the souls that escaped*
  • Vile: *goes to a reincarny portal and jumps through it*
  • Teen: Oh hey Vile.
  • Vile: Yes?
  • Teen: There was ten souls that escaped recently, here's the list. *gives him the list of the ten souls that escaped*
  • Vile: Oh I see. *rounds them up within two hours*
  • Teen: Nice work you saved hell from being taken from Luke.
  • Vile: Just doing my job.
  • Teen: Ok well cya later *vanishes in blue and black smoke*
  • TBC