Reincarnation: Loving Every Evil Triumph (LEET) is the fourteenth installment and the eleventh mini-game in the series. It's also the shortest Reincarnation game, having only one screen to navigate. The game was uploaded on Newgrounds in May 2014.


Story Edit

A reincarny has escaped from Hell. While he seems to be just a game-playing loner, his laziness has caused him to neglect his cat, resulting in the animal's death. He is killed by a falling bookshelf.

Walkthrough Edit

Click on the window blinds. Otherwise, you won't be able to do anything. Next, click on the light switches to turn off the fan. The reincarny will get back up to turn it on. While he's up, grab the key on his chair. Use the key one the door with the Terrible Teeth poster on it. This will reveal the dead cat. Click on the power strip under the desk to turn the computers off. While he's under the table, click on the red toy on top of the bookshelf. The noise will startle him and cause him to hit his head on the desk. Click the shelf while he's unconscious. It will fall on the reincarny and trap him, causing a slow painful death and ending the game.

Newgrounds Medals Edit

There's only one medal, which is earned by simply beating the game.

Reincarnation- LEET Walkthrough (Loving Every Evil Triumph)

Reincarnation- LEET Walkthrough (Loving Every Evil Triumph)