Pinky is an o.c of mine (CommanderPeepers). She was a demon fetus when she fell into a reincarny portal. She was quite young, so she barely remembers Hell.  

A young girl found Pinky in an alley and took her home, raising her as a pet. The human girl wasn't too bright and mistook Pinky for a rare species of cat. (Play on joke because everytime I draw Vile, people either think he is a pokemon or a cat).  Pinky is quiet nice and loving. She met Vile and he took her to Hell where she is now learning to be with her kind. This picture is Pinky in adult form,

Pinky is very sweet, emotional, also careless to her environment. Pinky also yearns for love and goes after Vile. She watched so much cheesy romance movies and disney movies in the human realm. To the point where she thinks she knows what love and romance is, but instead all she knows is a sad happy truth of movie character romance. She knows all, but knows nothing all the same time. Pinky is known to have random harsh mood changes that are very infrequent, but can be serve. Pinky is well known for being aggressive to other girls, who try to talk to Vile. Pinky even though, she acts dumb, and seems dumb. She is has a sharp mind, and quick thinking for making traps, and reincarny catching.