Reincarnation: Out to Sea You Die (OTSYD) is the third installation and the first mini-game. It was uploaded on Newgrounds in January 2010.

Story Edit

As usual, another reincarny has escaped. This unnamed reincarny, for unknown reasons, has killed someone. Now it is up to you to send him to Hell.

Walkthrough Edit

This game only has one scene and is rather short, so it's one of the easier ones in the game. Certain actions don't need to be performed in order, but if you want the game to progress logically, there should be actions you perform before other ones. You can either set everything up for the reincarny to fall into your trap quickly, or you can bring him out at the beginning and solve puzzles while he walks around.

First, click on the bait bucket. This will cause shark fins to appear, though only briefly. This provides a hint on how to kill the reincarny. Keep clicking on the bucket until you see a severed hand.

Next, click on the orange mat to have it slide off deck. Click the hose once to lower it into the ocean. Click it again to have water appear on deck. This will make the reincarny slip.

Ideally, the next thing you want to do is open the orange chest. To open it, you'll either need to click the bucket and click the piece of paper that was underneath it to find the code or have memorized the code. You do not need to click on the paper in order to open the box. If you do use the paper, note that you can't examine it and open the chest at the same time. The other note is that the combination is written in morse code. Unless you know morse code, know that the combination is 1984. Use this number to open the chest. Click on the green handle inside. Click the bait to poke a hole into the barrel, causing blood to spill out and lure the sharks.

Finally, click the door to reveal the reincarny. He will walk around on deck for a while until he slips on the water and falls into the ocean to be devoured by sharks.

As was said above, the steps don't have to be in a certain order. You can click on the door to reveal the reincarny at any time. You can also wait until he's in the water to use the tool to draw blood, but he won't die until the sharks appear.

Kongregate Medals Edit

The Kongregate medal is given for completing the game.

Reincarnation Out to Sea You Die OTSYD walkthrough

Reincarnation Out to Sea You Die OTSYD walkthrough