This is one of the two comics that Chris Gianelloni made for the Reincarnation series. This one used to be available in the iTunes store, but it is no longer available. The only way to read it is to start up The Clergy of Unholy and either read it on the main menu or after you beat the game.

The comic starts with Vile hunting for a reincarny. After he discovers the reincarny robbing a woman at knife point, he kills him by cutting the brakes of an elderly woman's car, causing her to run him over at a red light. Vile explains to the reincarny that when a reincarny escapes from Hell, they forget all about their past life and the time spent in Hell. Vile then leaves to go talk to Luke, who is concerned about the escape rate and orders Vile to find the source of the problem. The comic ends with a soul ranting to a crowd, promising a way out of Hell for every soul, with a "To Be Continued" on the last page. There has been no follow up to this particular story.

Reincarnation comic cover