1. Do not join this wiki just to harass us about liking a game with a demon in it.

2. No M-rated stuff -Keep it on the level of PG-13

3. No users under the age of 13

4. No insulting, disrespecting, or harassing users

5. Do not link any wikis chats of any kind within this wiki or chat.

6. Do not insult staff or other users.

7. No socks, if you're switching accounts tell an admin or higher.

8. No racism, sexism, homophobia, or other types of discriminatory comments allowed.

9. Do not make fun of mental retardation

10. No Religious arguments. You can talk about God(s), just do not insult the believer or the religion. I'm allowing religious conversation since this wiki has some religious content in it like Hell.

11. Do not start fights

12. Do not bring fights from other wikis, if you do it is a 3 day ban.

13. No Mods can abuse their powers.

14. No admins can remove chat unless they tell me about it, and I give the Okay.

15. No sexual harassment

16. This wiki is not the meeting hub for banned people from other wikis.

17. No stalking users to this wiki from other wikis. you may not stalk users period.

18. If you're doing considered wrong a mod can and will ask you to please stop.


Mods must warn user

then we kick  

We kick again

then we ban

But a Admin is allowed to kick or ban right on the spot if the users they're kicking or banning has a ban history, is always getting in trouble, or doing something they find ban on the spot worthy.