Reincarnation: The Evil Next Door (TEND) is the eleventh installation and the eighth mini-game in the series. It was released on Newgrounds in July 2011.


Story Edit

Another reincarny has escaped. This particular reincarny seems to be in the drug business. While it would be easy to make the chemicals explode, it might lead to hurting other people. An alternative execution needs to be found. The reincarny is killed when you make a tree fall on her.

Walkthrough Edit

The game starts off with the demon looking into a window. Click on the "outside" button to switch to an interior view. There is a brown box next to a potted plant. Click on it to get a ring. Click "inside" to switch back to the outside. Click on the window to cut a hole through it. This will allow you to retrieve other items inside the room. Click on "outside." Open the closet door to retrieve the lamp. Click on the light bulbs in the ceiling fan to get one of them.

Go to the right. Use the diamond ring on the new window. Combine the lamp and the light bulb. Click the "outside" button. Place the lamp on the table near the window by clicking the outlet under said table. Open the blinds by clicking on them. Click the objects near the bleach on the counter. This will reveal the reincarny's sin. Click the egg timer to make the reincarny appear. Click the chemicals again to hear the demon say he needs to find a different way to kill the reincarny.

Go the the right again. There is a tree you should click on. This will give you a termite. Go all the way back to the first room once you retrieve the termite. Click the "outside" button. You should see a book with a yellow spine on the bookshelf. Click on it to make it fall. As soon as the reincarny places her mug on the stand, go to the other room and click on the egg timer. When she walks in to turn it off, go back to the first room to retrieve the mug. Give the coffee in it to the termite.

Go to the second room one last time. Click the egg timer again. When the reincarny shows up to turn it off, go immediately to the tree and use the termite on it. Now the reincarny is in place so you can crush her with a tree. This will kill her and end the game.

Newgrounds Medals Edit

There's only one medal, which is earned by beating the game.

Kongregate Medals Edit

There's only one medal, which is earned by beating the game.

Reincarnation- The Evil Next Door

Reincarnation- The Evil Next Door