Voiced By Deven Christian Mack
First Appearance A Demon's Day Out
Last Appearance Loving Every Evil Triumph
Occupation Reincarny Catcher
Status Alive

Vile is the main character is the game. He's the demon you play as throughout the series. He, like all the other demons, is a reincarny catcher. He goes to human realm to capture escaped souls and bring them back to Hell. And just like those other demons, he loathes the job. 

Personality Edit

He is an evil little imp who takes pride in his wrong doings. Selfish and cunning, he uses others to serve his means and doesn't care about who he hurts. He enjoys torturing souls and drinking booze. For some unknown reason, he hates the sea. He has a sense of humor that consists of pop culture references, despite the fact that he hates going to the human realm. He commits evil whenever and however he can, doing small acts like turning off neon open signs to larger deeds like killing and torturing humans.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Reincarnation---a-demon-s-day-out img0
Like other demons, Vile is able to use telekinesis. He is also able to control fire to the extent other demons can.

Vile can alter his voice to sound like different people. This is often helpful when he has to use a phone in his missions. He's only shown this ability twice, once in A Taste of Evil and in The Final Happy Hour.