Vile Minion

Vile Minion, an updated version of Pet Demon, is a free-to-play app on Google Play that functions as a Magic Eight ball. The user is free to use their phone's microphone or keypad to ask Vile yes-or-no questions. Vile will give random responses in return. If you wish, you can post your questions and Vile's answers to Facebook by using the Facebook button. The user can also shake their phone to make Vile stumble and scream or they can poke Vile to make him fall over.

Vile can give answers besides standard yeses and nos. If you curse at him, he will threaten you. If you ask him what's up, he will either tell you that he's trying to escape "this strange plastic box" or that "you should be more concerned about what's watching you." If you ask for his name, he says a line from A Demon's Day Out: "If I had a name, it would be EVIL!" (this app and line were made before Vile had an official name). if you ask him the time, he'll say "It's time for evil!" He has some other responses as well, but if he can't answer your question with a yes or no, he will dismiss it, claiming to not care or flat-out refusing to respond.